A Day at Ray’s

(Originally posted on Apr 25, 2005 – 07:42 PM)

If you’re in the mountain bike world and you have been living under a rock, it’s possible you haven’t heard of Ray’s. Write ups in Dirt Rag, Bike, Bicycle Retailer, et cetera, have spread the word – “If you build it, they will come.”

IMG_1071We did.

Today I balanced on a boardwalk, four feet in the air, and rolled onto a teeter-toter that dropped me onto a lower boardwalk and then to a rough log pile and finally back to concrete. All around me, gentlemen half my age were flying thru the air with the greatest of ease. A nine-year-old was doing stunts I wouldn’t consider.

The thing about Ray’s is, all the technical pieces are set right next to each other in a generally logical progression: boardwalk, skinny, bumps, banked corner, raised boardwalk, combo skinny & bumps, etc until you find yourself on things you wouldn’t have considered.

Consider the suspension bridge. I’ve found them in the wild, complete with cable railing and warning signs. At Ray’s, there are no safety rails, but a friendly fellow rider showed me how to lean into the front tire and pop up onto the boardwalk on the combination ramp and suspension bridge skinny (about 8 inches wide . . . don’t worry, Mom, it was only a foot or so up in the air). I was coached and able to repeat the stunt over and over until I got it.

We took some photos – some of us, some of the random riders who didn’t get enough over the weekend and were hanging out on a Monday night out under the sky-light warehouse roof, practicing their jumps. Of course the locals are good, they’ve been playing in here all winter. But they are also already planning to revamp, re-ramp, and re-model for next year, so that every fall will have a new combination of trails at Ray’s Indoor Mtb Park.




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