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Burn the Passwords

At a party this weekend, a friend mentioned in passing the mechanism in which she regularly gives her password to a co-worker.  When I dramatically cringed, she regaled us with stories of the post-it note on her desk that contains … Continue reading

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On Salvage Logging

One thing I learned at last night’s Eagle Creek Fire Forum was that people still have some misperceptions about salvage logging. There is logic that says that after a forest fire, salvaging the standing dead helps the area recover, and … Continue reading

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SoT: Concussions, and What Youth Get The Most?

Last week, Dr Larry Sherman spoke at Science on Tap about concussions, and should humans play football. Yesterday, the Thorns won the WNSL championship in a very physical game. Soccer fans collect special scarves, as cheering mechanisms, and there’s one … Continue reading

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YNP: In Memory of Trees

As we left on vacation, I called my mom, and mentioned we were driving to Yellowstone again. “But you’ve been there before” she asked. Yes, many times. We’ve been going every six years or so. “Why?” Well, in 1988, you … Continue reading

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ScienceOnTap: It hurts!

Science hurts. Well, last week’s lecture was all about pain. Not only was it uncomfortably hot, and the Gorge on fire, but this was our last scheduled night at the Clinton St Theater, unairconditioned yet cozy in the SE neighborhood. … Continue reading

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Books and moods

“Ain’t it funny how a melody Can bring back a memory Take you to another place and time Completely change your state of mind” I’ve been reading the “Laundry Files” by Charles Stross, which is an anti-James Bond, Lovecraft meets … Continue reading

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ScienceOnTap: Microbiome and You

Occasionally, we get a scientist drunk. We put them on stage, put a beer in one hand and a microphone in the other and see what happens. Then we take questions from the bar crowd. This week’s victim was Dr … Continue reading

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John Day & The Marquis de Lafayette on a Roadtrip

Exploring eastern Oregon has not been higher on our list of adventures because * There’s so much to do in Cascadia * There isn’t a lot of information on it * The high desert. Really, we have several ecosystems in … Continue reading

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The Building Is On Fire And It’s Not My Fault

I read a lot, and I surround myself with friends with similar tastes – how else am I going to find new books? This occasionally leads to ridiculousness, such as what *others* thought of as an early Halloween party. Nope. … Continue reading

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Bears and bikes and flame, oh my

So here I am cleaning the bear's ears with isopropyl alcohol and an paper towel, and reminded of mountain biking. Our potted ficus tree apparently has scales, which makes all the items under it sticky, and I really don't want … Continue reading

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