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Quake Party

Picture eight people gathering in a NE Portland home with piles of survival gear. The grill is hot, and a stack of foil wrapped potatoes sits next to a container of egg salad and a bowl of salad. The background … Continue reading

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The American Alps

We went exploring for Scott’s birthday, and found someplace new to us. There’s an old joke that says Americans think 100 years is a long time while British think 100 miles is a long way. We find in our little … Continue reading

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Gardening: Prepping for Veggies

The rains are mostly done, and we are coming out of hibernation, or the post move in & remodel coma. Before we take on important tasks like insulation & house painting, we need a bite to eat. Vegetable beds need … Continue reading

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Geeks, mountains and meteors

Statically, everyone else in Oregon was downhill from us. The Science Sleepover at Silcox Hut included 25 adults, mostly centered around the Nerd Nite crowd, 3 telescopes, 2 suburbans, and Mount Hood. And thousands of tiny rocks, below, and above. … Continue reading

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Dancing…or not

“Just close your eyes and trust me.” This is not a good phrase for someone to say to a gal they just met. I heard it on the dance floor at Lenora's Ballroom, and I'm still puzzling out if they … Continue reading

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A weekend at Oakridge

We don't know how to relax anymore. To solve this, we took a weekend off of house construction and business & social obligations, and we went to Oakridge. Friday morning, 9 am, found us in a shuttle vehicle, travelling up … Continue reading

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We created a large bookcase in the media room – it took us all weekend, and Scott had had the lumber cut, more or less, before we started. Mostly it was he and I, but when the rain loomed while … Continue reading

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The Raw Ride

Let me tell you about my behavior at this year’s big group ride for the city. The have been apparently focused remodeling of late, and that project doesn’t appear to have an end in sight. This doesn’t mean we aren’t … Continue reading

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Doug’s Bookshelves

Three houses ago, Doug built us some bookshelves. Actually, it was when we three were moving into the house in Madison, and all the books of our modest paperback collection were boxed up and we were tearing out the carpet … Continue reading

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Loppers and ladders

I have not seen so many beater pickups since high school football games in rural Wisconsin. Being as the new-to-us house had been a rental unit for a couple years, then sat vacant for about a year, the yard had … Continue reading

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