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John Day & The Marquis de Lafayette on a Roadtrip

Exploring eastern Oregon has not been higher on our list of adventures because * There’s so much to do in Cascadia * There isn’t a lot of information on it * The high desert. Really, we have several ecosystems in … Continue reading

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Bears and bikes and flame, oh my

So here I am cleaning the bear's ears with isopropyl alcohol and an paper towel, and reminded of mountain biking. Our potted ficus tree apparently has scales, which makes all the items under it sticky, and I really don't want … Continue reading

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The American Alps

We went exploring for Scott’s birthday, and found someplace new to us. There’s an old joke that says Americans think 100 years is a long time while British think 100 miles is a long way. We find in our little … Continue reading

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Geeks, mountains and meteors

Statically, everyone else in Oregon was downhill from us. The Science Sleepover at Silcox Hut included 25 adults, mostly centered around the Nerd Nite crowd, 3 telescopes, 2 suburbans, and Mount Hood. And thousands of tiny rocks, below, and above. … Continue reading

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Dancing…or not

“Just close your eyes and trust me.” This is not a good phrase for someone to say to a gal they just met. I heard it on the dance floor at Lenora's Ballroom, and I'm still puzzling out if they … Continue reading

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A weekend at Oakridge

We don't know how to relax anymore. To solve this, we took a weekend off of house construction and business & social obligations, and we went to Oakridge. Friday morning, 9 am, found us in a shuttle vehicle, travelling up … Continue reading

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The Raw Ride

Let me tell you about my behavior at this year’s big group ride for the city. The have been apparently focused remodeling of late, and that project doesn’t appear to have an end in sight. This doesn’t mean we aren’t … Continue reading

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Swiftly done with birds

For the month of September, there is a hillside in NE Portland that fills with picnickers every evening at sunset. The blankets are laid out with little space in between, and people share treats with strangers. The reason for this … Continue reading

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Sandy Ridge and a Cloud of Dust

Sandy Ridge Trail is named after the town of Sandy, Oregon, that sits below and west of the trail…or maybe it's named after the Sandy River, which erodes the volcanic landscape from Mt Hood and flows past the aforementioned town. … Continue reading

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A cruise with some music

My honey and I tend to do a lot of activites apart, or in our own heads, but occasionally, we do go out on dates. The dates don’t tend to be things other folks find …romantic. Thursday after work, I … Continue reading

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