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Bears and bikes and flame, oh my

So here I am cleaning the bear's ears with isopropyl alcohol and an paper towel, and reminded of mountain biking. Our potted ficus tree apparently has scales, which makes all the items under it sticky, and I really don't want … Continue reading

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A weekend at Oakridge

We don't know how to relax anymore. To solve this, we took a weekend off of house construction and business & social obligations, and we went to Oakridge. Friday morning, 9 am, found us in a shuttle vehicle, travelling up … Continue reading

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The Raw Ride

Let me tell you about my behavior at this year’s big group ride for the city. The have been apparently focused remodeling of late, and that project doesn’t appear to have an end in sight. This doesn’t mean we aren’t … Continue reading

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Sandy Ridge and a Cloud of Dust

Sandy Ridge Trail is named after the town of Sandy, Oregon, that sits below and west of the trail…or maybe it's named after the Sandy River, which erodes the volcanic landscape from Mt Hood and flows past the aforementioned town. … Continue reading

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California 2012: Paradise

  Let’s agree to call this the Kings Range Bike Trail. The path in the Lost Coast is actually known as Paradise Royale, but I keep hearing Meatloaf in my head. The trail takes off from the same point as … Continue reading

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