Dancing…or not

“Just close your eyes and trust me.”

This is not a good phrase for someone to say to a gal they just met. I heard it on the dance floor at Lenora's Ballroom, and I'm still puzzling out if they guy knew what it sounded like. He was kinda insistent that all I needed to do was to… Well, I'm not sure, other than “trust” him.

I suck at following. I know this, but like the idea of dancing, partnered, and therefore head over to Tuesday Blues once in a ..heh…blue moon. For the most part, I'm willing to place my right hand in their left, left hand on shoulder, and “listen” for the slight pressure saying step forward or back as we shift weight, “hear” the shift that denotes a spin, among other cues the lead gives. However, occasionally I'll dance with a nervous lead who does not know what we are going to do next, and therefore gives no clues – assuming authority, I tend to lead from the follow position, kinda without thinking about it. This does not help me learn to be a good follow.

Then we get to the older gentlemen who seem to think they know what's best for me. I told this guy that I was not understanding what he was oh so confidently assuming I should be doing on the dance floor (pressure on side to step that way while hand shifted as if to spin yet he's stepping that way = tangle of limbs, I'm running to catch up, and he's got a good grip on my hands or I would have come loose). Just repeating that I should trust you, stranger, when you are giving mixed signals, and I tell you so, is not a way to solve the problem, nor will I ever dance with you again.

It's creepy.


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