Gardening: Prepping for Veggies

The rains are mostly done, and we are coming out of hibernation, or the post move in & remodel coma. Before we take on important tasks like insulation & house painting, we need a bite to eat. Vegetable beds need to get started!

The front yard has an underutilized corner that gets afternoon sun. I called over some friends and we removed a volunteer maple, several ferns, and a rose bush which we transplanted out back. Then we sculpted the terrace and dropped in some garden boxes. We've situated them just forward of the decommisioned oil tank that's buried next to the house, as I really don't want the lettuce immediately atop it, just in case.

Amanda has a vocal pet peeve about folks who put down garden boxes on slopes and then wonder why their soil sloughs out, so we pulled out the digital level – Scott managed to get it perfectly level on the second try.

The I spent some time sifting together a growing medium. Yes, I have a dirt recipe. I found this out when we were trying to garden in Hood River, where the lot was hardened bentonite. It takes 7 years to condition soil from mediocre to good gardening, and I don't have that patience. So I mix together vermiculite, peat moss, and compost, and viola, instant soil. In future years, I'll just need to add more compost, but the mixture is really hard to overwater.

In addition, Scott put the blueberries in the ground. We actually bought two blueberry plants from a commercial location and have had them in pots for two years. I'm not talking about those little 6″ plants – these are 4' high. One looks like it didn't make it, but it's been trimmed back to nothing but two little green shoots, and we'll see what happens. Blueberries like acid soil, though, and Scott forgot to add sulfer before putting the plants in the holes. We'll see what we can do with surface application, and use the pine needles from the back yard to mulch them in.


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