Music to Paint By

S and I had left the previous house with extra cans of paint, which we used in the Hobbit Hole, but haven't used up – so we're continuing these older colors through some of the smaller rooms. The big rooms need multiple gallons, and so we went paint shopping, brought home items called “knightly straw” and “mango bean” and got to work. Luckily, S had snagged speakers such that we could listen to the vast collection of 80s rock while we taped and slopped.


R: I'm not sure what we're listen to, but the lyrics just talked about her 'red eyes and lips of blue.'

S: I think it's Thomas Dolbey.

R: That would explain much.

(Painting noises)

S: Roger Waters?

R: Radio KAOS, I believe.

(Painting noises)

R: This sounds like a carnival. It's from Grand Illusion, isn't it?

S: Well, it's Styx. Must be mine, I don't think you like Styx.

R: Sweetie, I had a complete Styx collection when I met you. Damn. I'm old.

(Painting noises)

R: “In touch with the ground/ I'm on the hunt I'm after you / Smell like I sound I'm lost in a crowd…” I'm having flashbacks the a recent Dr Who Episode.

S: The one on the sub, I know.

(painting noises)

R: Forward to the next song, would you? This is music to be jittery to, and I don't want to spill.

(Painting noises)

R: I wonder if the neighbors now think that 10 hours of hair bands is going to be normal for the weekends.


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