Ohio Relatives

Day One:
On April 20, 2005, we had a few errands and tasks:

Clean the last room of the house
Close on the house
Sign things at insurance agents office
Take road bike and misc electronics to ebay consignment
Return to house, assemble fridge and pick up last load
Deliver load to various storage lockers
Stop at DMV to register vehicle and update licenses
Stop at PlanetBike for an extra chain
And then we were able to finally leave town, only about 3 hours behind schedule, and slightly under organized. Drove as far as Plymoth, IN, and slept in a BBCSP*.

Day Two:
Drove to Huntington IN with Maldon Locksmiths, where the Sportsmobile factory installed a furnace into the van. We spent a lot of time sitting around. I toured the town on the bicycle while Scott did some paying work on the computer. Finding an arboretum trail on the college campus, I headed into wooded areas, then realized I was riding helmetless, probably on an illegal trail, wearing a bike patrol jacket. Oops.
Day Three:
Now in Ludlow Falls, OH, where Uncle David is helping us create a lighter, lower bunk for the van. David’s woodworking workshop is incredible, although I couldn’t take the several inches of sawdust on the floor so I swept while he wasn’t looking. Scott had an adventure getting some records out of Montgomery County and we met with all the Wintermute relatives.
Day Four:
A side trip to visit Scott’s Nana and Frey relatives while David is finishing up the carpentry included moving furniture for Aunt Margaret and Uncle Tony, as well as doing a little network repair. Everyone is feeding us, and the weather outside is frightful – rainy with a little bit of snow – so we’re not getting that highly active lifestyle everyone thinks we are. More later.

BBCSP = Big Box Chain Store Parking Lot – you know who I mean, don’t expect me to help advertise for them. We’ll sleep there, but we don’t shop there. Support the local economies and all.

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