Sandy Ridge and a Cloud of Dust

Sandy Ridge Trail is named after the town of Sandy, Oregon, that sits below and west of the trail…or maybe it's named after the Sandy River, which erodes the volcanic landscape from Mt Hood and flows past the aforementioned town. It is not a giant dune.


When the dust from the exposed soil collects in the bowls of the switch backs several inches deep and hides the occasional rut or rock, which could perhaps twist the tire of an unsuspecting mountain biker, all you can say is “I crashed in the deep sand.”

Well, Scott can say. He's the one who endo'd today.

The climb is 1600 feet and paved, and then we strike single track and continue climbing to the edge of the Bull Run watershed (which serves as Portland's municipal water supply) and then to an overlook to the Sandy River watershed – which by the way could be improved by topping a tree or two that are between the ledge and Mt Hood (hint hint, Jason/Shane/Chris). Then it's a lot of berm turns and terrain features all the way back down. An incredibly fun descent that actually takes twice as long as 'that damn road climb' (Scott really isn't fond of hills. Or roads). Even with the crash, we had a great 2.5 hour, 10 mile ride.


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