We created a large bookcase in the media room – it took us all weekend, and Scott had had the lumber cut, more or less, before we started. Mostly it was he and I, but when the rain loomed while we hadn't finished applying wood stain on the shelves, we called for help and friends S & z showed up. And when it was time to lift heavy objects, we talked A & K into into move things with us. The conversations were, uh, not necessarily safe for work (hence the initialing, in case they want plausible deniability)

K: I love the patterns in this wood grain, the stain brings it out.

Me: Yeah, my friend Z was commenting about it while we were staining. I looked at the patterns and saw three aliens standing there.

K: Ooh! I see them…

Me: … But she looked at that part and saw three vaginas.

K: Ahh! I see them too! Eek! And then I can't not see it! It's like they follow you around the room!

Me: What, the aliens or the vaginas?

K: Both! I can feel 'em on my skin! (Cringing)

Me: uh, which, the 3 aliens or the 3 vaginas? (Laughing)

K: The eyes of the aliens are al over me! The flesh of the vaginas are all over me!

Scott and I have since loaded the shelves up with much of our library. However, I suspect that helper is going to be looking past the texts at the wood patterns every time they come into the room.


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