The stove saga

We wanted a gas range. The new house came with electric. So we went shopping for your standard 30″ gas range, in white as that was cheapest, figuring we'd spend about $800 and spend more dollars to get the gas lines re-arranged.

Then we heard through the social circle that Wendy had bought a house with a home warrentee, and the stove's element burned out, and while the stove was fixable, the inurance bought them a comparable replacement, and the old stove was available for the cost of hauling. Their new stove, btw, ran $6k.

So we hauled off the 36″ stainless steel Dacor stove in Stacy's truck. We needed Paul's help in unloading it into the garage, where Scott did the required modification.

The stove model is unknown – the badges are missing, removed when it was decommissioned by insurance. Apparently this model had the element behind a plate, which prevented airflow & caused the element to burn up. For years, Decor sold a replacement plate that exposed the element & a different style of element, but the plate is no longer created. So Scott altered the current plate with a side cutter & popped in the new element.

This change of kitchen plans happened before we had gotten other replacement appliances ordered, and we basically shrugged and decided our kitchen would be stainless steel rather than white. Mom had said she was buying us a dishwasher as a housewarming gift, so we got that in stainless, as well as the microwave, which Scott, Andrew & I installed on Saturday in between unloading boxes.


Yesterday was Contractor Day. All sorts of electrical tasks were completed, including a run that caused Scott to text me the dreadful phrase 'it's a good thing we haven't painted the hallway yet'. Scott moved a piece of cabinetry 6 inches. The gas lines were run to the laundry and to the kitchen, and we are now ready for the new-to-us stove to come inside.

Did I mention this appliance is 36″ wide? And that we had 8 steps to go up, and then 3 corners to go around, to get it into the kitchen? Quote of the night included the phrase “This stove is a significant fraction of an elephant”. Luckily for us, we had been able to send out the call for burly weightlifters, and thus Paul, Travis, Andrew, Amanda, Scott and I put straps under the old stove and moved it out under a tarp (spring rains are running late this year), and then pulled the new stove around the house (Amanda and I taking turns), then with the two tall ones on the low side, brought it up the steps, through the front door, snaked through the house and into the kitchen. Scott had removed the handle from the door so we could squeeze the device through the final 30″ doorway.


Today, the inspector for the gas is to appear, and give sign-off for yesterday's work, at which point we can find out if the fix works, if the stove will light, or if the device needs to be removed from the house. In which case we're having the appliance folks who deliver the new one haul this one away, as it's a heavy beast, and we don't want to lift it again!


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